The One Common Thing All Successful Players Have

There’s a quote from Tony Robbins paraphrased: “If you want success, follow the footsteps of the people already crushing it.”

I intuitively knew early on in poker that seeking coaches, mentors and other players would be one of the most beneficial things I could do.

The journey is far more exciting surrounded by a network of players on the same path as you, crushing the same goals and facing the same difficulties.

It’s more enjoyable, and absolutely fundamental to the rapid expansion of your learning curve.

My old coach used to seek hand advice from players of all levels so that he could get a feel for how every player approaches the same spot.

This allowed him to be in the thought process of every player type, giving him the best opportunity to maximize his EV in every spot – understanding how others think sets up better exploits while saving EV vs the better regs.

Why am I telling you this?

Many players are naive enough to think they can do it alone.

It seems all the tools in today’s game has made some players more lazy, thinking the answers to a complex puzzle, unique to every hand, are as simple as following charts and looking GTO solutions.

One question I heard recently “Why do I need to send hands or look for coaches when I can just open PIO and run the sim?”

This mindset will get you crushed!

Running GTO sims is absolutely fundamental, there’s no denying that. But poker is far more nuanced.

Firstly the GTO sim has deep theoretical reasoning behind everything it does, and secondly it plays against another perfect opponent.

Nosebleed regs don’t play 100% perfect and almost every level below 2knl you will find people with exploits everywhere, and everyone is different, different exploits and different counter adjustments. It goes deep.

The game is infinitely complex. A players job is to become competent theoretically so that he can apply the knowledge in game against any range and player type at any moment.

Looking up charts and GTO sims trying to remember the answers will leave gaps all over and unless you’re one of the best in world, you will have a lot of theoretical leaks so the sims won’t fully make sense.

It’s impossible to accurately apply something that doesn’t make sense. It’s almost impossible to remember all the answers and not much use without understanding whole sum anyway.

It’s like saying 2+2 = 4, so I must always use 2+2 to reach 4.

The best players are solving puzzles from the core, finding the highest EV answer unique to this spot; the simplest ways to reach the most dominant lines.

Trying to remember all the answers takes the fun out of the game. The best part of poker is getting into peoples minds, understanding why they take certain lines and figuring the best way to crush them.

Seeking information from different players is the best way to understand how most think, not only to read these players but for their reads on wider population tendencies as well. Population conclusions also vary from player to player because everyone sees the game through a unique lens.

It’s beauty. It’s the most fascinating game in the world and if you have high stakes ambitions, I highly recommend you start looking for people to share hands and ideas with. You’ll be surprised at the feedback you receive.

High stakes coaches have coaches. There’s always new tricks, tools and strategies to implement, and unless you’re number one in the world there’s always someone better, someone to learn from. 

Find your community, find your coaches, find your mentors and your poker career will elevate in a direction you only ever dreamed of.

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